Each facial treatment encompasses a tailored and holistic approach through practices of Ayurveda, Eastern Massage Rituals, Lymphatic Support and Skin Microbiome Integrity.  All of our the treatments are intended to restore skin to it's natural intelligence and to back to it's most balanced, radiant state.

Classic Facial 75 min kr 1100

A facial tailored and focused on influencing the skin's own healing  and rejuvenating abilities.  Using botanicals and nutrients combined with a blend of advanced facial massage, gua sha, cupping, ayurvedic modalities to support radiance, nourishment and energy flow to skin and face.   

Lift and Glow Facial Gua Sha Treatment 90 min kr 1400
Often referred to as a natural facelift this deeply rejuvenating, tension releasing, holistic facial treatment stimulates the flow of Qi, the body's vital energy and activates the skin's innate ability to heal itself. Combined with transformative, nourishing skincare chosen for you at time of treatment, Facial Gua Sha will lift and tone skin while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a smooth, noticeably lifted, naturally radiant complexion.
Add on any Esse Ampoule Infusion Treatment for deeper repair, kr 100

Lifting Cup Facial Treatment 75 min 1350

Kansa Wand Facial Treatment 75 min, kr 1300
This facial has been designed to help address the causes of sensitive, reactive skin and to offer relief from conditions such as rosacea.  By using anti-inflammatory, strengthening  ingredients combined with a special Ayurvedic bronze tool, we are able to calm the skin, reduce redness, balance your skin's pH naturally and improve barrier function.

Add on any Esse Ampoule Infusion Treatment for deeper repair, kr 100

Hydrating Facial, 75  min kr 1300
Our hydrating facial reconditions and restores dehydrated skin.  It is designed to replenish your skin's hyaluronic acid reserves and to strengthen its protective barrier to help retain moisture.  This refreshing and relaxing treatment uses a combination of high frequency and botanicals.  The result is a radiant and glowing complexion, as well as reduced fine lines and greater skin elasticity.

Clarifying Facial, 75 min kr 1300 / Teens 13 - 17 years kr 800
Using plant based active ingredients and high frequency, the clarifying facial is formulated to help destroy acne-causing bacteria, unblock pores and regulate sebum production.  For best results a clarifying enzyme mask and LED light therapy is used. This treatment includes light extractions.

Dermaplane Glow (Fjerning av ansiktshår) (Learn more)

Facial Rejuvenation - Microneedling (Learn more)

Facial Reflexology (Learn more)


Gentle waxing of desired areas of the face using 100% botanical; no chemicals, no sugar and no wax. Nufree is the only one antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system in the world.   

Each facial waxing is followed by a soothing jade rolling treatment.

Brows: 250 kr

Lip: 200 kr

Chin: 200 kr

Lip & Chin: 390 kr


Massage / Muscle Therapy 60 min, 800 kr