Our Mission

Welcome to Clinique M, where our mission & philosophy is to provide the highest quality treatments in an informed, caring and professional environment.  A holistic approach means we are interested in engaging and treating the whole person.  You will receive only the best guidance in caring for your skin and overall wellness.  We offer a variety of facial treatments depending on your skin type, utilizing holistic methods rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, facial reflexology in the Dien Chan Zone tradition, body massage and muscle therapy. The products used are highly active, yet gentle and work in conjunction with the body's natural responses.  We believe in using only pure, natural & organic ingredients that are never tested on animals.  Your comfort and peace of mind come first.

Om Oss

Kai Myrbakk

​​Kai is our expert on muscle and massage therapy. 

He's an avid athlete and soccer player with a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Georgia State University. He was trained in massage and body work at Axelson's Body Work School in Oslo, Norway. 

He was a massage therapist for the Norwegian Olympic Team and the National Weightlifting Foundation.

Kai's practice has included several professional athletes, including Olympic Gold Medalists.  He's worked closely with doctors and chiropractors to reduce chronic pain and discomfort as well as handled injury-related problems.

Timebestilling: kmyrbakk@online.no / Tlf. 902 86 281 (Ring/Tekst)

Marie Myrbakk

Skin care therapist with the intention of helping her clients alleviate stress and achieve a higher sense of well-being both internal and external.  She has always been drawn to the "natural" side of things since becoming a yoga teacher in 15 years ago.

Marie's approach is holistic and her philosophy is very simple as she strives to offer results driven yet relaxing services.  In each session, Marie holds the belief that the body has the power to heal itself, but sometimes needs a little guidance.  Education and knowledge are highly important to her as she evolves her craft. She believes that true beauty is never generic, it's very specific. In order to make a shift, one must be willing to delve below the surface into the foundations of health, exploring every aspect of what it means to reach balance.  

Her calming presence radiates her love of natural beauty and wellness. Together you will open up a space to encourage rest, relaxation & healing.

Timebestilling: marie@cliniquem.net / tlf. 94088009